Thursday, 28 January 2016

Greek Pronoun Verbs - AngularJS - KnockoutJS

I have read and briefly investigated the 2 libraries AngularJS and KnockoutJS in the past looking at others code and looking more at KnockoutJS rather than AngularJS

So I decided to explore and write a demo demonstrating my AngularJS and KnockoutJS skills just so can understand the differences and pitfalls.

Once I completed the solution I found AngularJS to be much more of a feature set than KnockoutJS. Also the implementation is cleaner. Hope to do some more work on AngularJS.

What I did was embark on writing a Greek Pronoun Verbs dictionary online using both Javascript libraries to demonstrate how to use these libraries for user interface without postback etc...
Hence the Greek Pronoun Verbs Solution.

Let me explain the problem and what the solution very simple does.
In english you would say

I graph, You graph, He she it graphs, We graph, You (Plural) graph , They (He,She,Neuter) Graph
Not much of a problem graph is always said as graph

This is not the case in Greek and the end of the word is altered accordingly.

Graph - Γραφω
See - Βλεπω

The following is the result.

Εγω - (I)
Εσυ - (You)
Αυτος - Αυτη - Αυτο - (He) - (She) - (It)
Εμεις - (We)
Εσεις - (You (Plural))
Αυτoi - Αυτες - Αυτα - (They He) - (They She) - (They)

The demonstrations are available online at the following addresses with source code. Please go ahead and look at the code and try it out.

Greek Pronoun Verbs - AngularJS

Greek Pronoun Verbs - KnockoutJS


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