Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Backup and Recovery (Microangelo)

8:51 AM
In this blog entry I thought I would start by describing a new direction in my IT career that I am embarking on. Whilst I will never quit programming and will engage on small contracts I am also embarking on providing IT consultancy services with my company Microangelo. Please visit my website developed using Umbraco at of the services I will be offering is Backup and Recovery and how it is neglected in modern businesses across the country. 

Sadly we have become so dependent on technology so much so that modern businesses cannot function without the use of technology. The thought of it failing is rarely considered by business users as most businesses have a complacent approach to failure. This is alarming considering the dependence on IT systems when conducting business.

Surprisingly enough most businesses are geared towards setting themselves up and being profitable. However once a business is successful, consideration should be placed to keep it that way. That’s why a disaster recovery and backup plan is a necessity for business continuity. So that in the event when disaster strikes, your business is prepared and all those involved can respond to it with minimal downtime. The best way to respond when disaster strikes is to have a disaster recovery and backup plan.

With cloud technology this is now becoming easier to implement and affordable. Using cloud technology, your business can have a complete backup of you IT infrastructure which can be restored in minutes when necessary. Because the cloud computing is managed by 3rd party experts you are guaranteed 99.9% SLA (guaranteed by Microsoft, Google, Amazon), as well as utilizing the very latest in technology.

Please visit my website and I will continue blogging as usual. In the meantime I include a couple of photos of a phone I use as backup in case my smartphone dies on me circa 2001.

Moral of the story is make sure you have a Backup and Recovery Plan. Speak to us  for you Backup and Recovery options at angelo.laris* or visit 

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  1. Well written post. I appreciate your guidance for sharing about backup and recovery plan here. I really need to know about it. Great work!