Monday, 15 September 2014

IT Documentation and Governance - ISO Standards

When I have worked in the past one of the services I am offering is IT Documentation and Governance an area which I believe is extremely lacking in today's modern technology world.

Sadly to say I find in most IT projects that IT Documentation gets the least amount of attention and is rarely updated when the project changes. In most cases whenever you ask a programmer or systems administrator to document their work they reluctantly produce a document that has no standard and is rarely proof read/verified.

Yet I regularly see organisations left vulnerable when documentation is lacking. Usually the staff member(s) involved in the project have moved on to other projects both within or externally. This places the business in a vulnerable situation. Because if there is a need to support and/or provide enhancement it is unlikely someone else can fill this position with minimal downtime or disruption.

Documentation is the key communication tool used by management for business continuity. It allows any key stake holder i.e. staff member, customer, vendor to understand the system and provides better relations. Also it allows you to scale the communication from 1:1 to 1:many correspondents.

As more and more businesses interact with other businesses and the need for key stake holders to be spread across multiple locations there is a need to formalize the knowledge transfer. This is where documentation becomes important.

The importance of using ISO/IEC Standards for documentation becomes paramount for an organization as it provides best practices and is ideal to act as a reference guide for both strategies and processes. We understand the importance of having a standardized documentation thus ensuring that it is compliant to the ISO standards for maximum return on investment.

I plan to blog further in this area as I see it is an area that is lacking in the IT community.
In the meantime please visit or email to discuss your documentation needs.

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