Sunday, 28 September 2014

Cloud Data Backup

As businesses rely on technology even more than ever before the need to backup for business continuity is extremely important. With today's technology businesses now have cost - effective solutions to back up their data. Organisations can have cloud backups using either a public cloud data backup or a private cloud data backup.
Public Cloud Data Backup

With a public cloud data backup service the server setup is done entirely by the provider. Whilst the data is secure it does use public infrastructure for storing the data. For small organisations for 1-5 users where data is not extremely sensitive, i.e. a simple password protection can suffice, Microangelo recommends using the Public Cloud Data Backup.
Private Cloud Data Backup

With a private cloud data backup service the server setup can be locally or hosted in the cloud. The data is secure because not only do you own the locally/hosted secure server, the data transfer is encrypted. This is great for larger organisations i.e. 2-50 users. For this scenario Microangelo recommend using the Private Cloud Data Backup for secure backups and versioning.
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